Neuropathy Solutions in Tampa, FL

Our clinic in Clearwater, Florida has a proprietary and very individualized approach to handling neuropathy without the use of heavy drugs or surgery.

Neuropathy Solutions in Tampa, FL

Because neuropathy is a progressive disease, early intervention can prevent further nerve damage. The moment you start experiencing abnormal sensations in your hands and feet, such as numbness, muscle weakness, or tingling, you need to see a doctor for a medical evaluation. Occasionally, some patients experience severe pain and extreme sensitivity to touch. While neuropathy cannot be completely cured, an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment can help patients manage their condition effectively and reduce adverse effects on their mobility and functioning.

What Is Neuropathy?

At Frontier, the goal of treating neuropathy is to first find the underlying cause of it, then treating that in addition to the current nerve damage that has already been done to the area. Part of how we can help with this is through a process called angiogenesis which, simply defined, means dilation of the blood vessels. The reason that we want to accomplish this is, just like other organs in your body, your nerves are wrapped in blood vessels. These blood vessels carry oxygen & nutrients to the nerves in order to feed them & keep them alive. The functionality of these blood vessels begins to diminish as your neuropathy worsens. This combined with horizontal electrical therapy & other treatments (which vary depending upon your individual diagnosis) have been shown to bring 60-95% improvement in symptoms that our patients have been experiencing.
At Frontier Physical Medicine, we understand how difficult it can be to live with Neuropathy and we are empathetic to how this can affect our patients quality of life from being able to stay active with your grandkids to even being able to conduct simple day to day functions on your own. Our deep understanding of this condition and years experience with our patients gives us unique insight into this condition and what factors you may consider when choosing a provider. At Frontier, we are patient centered & results oriented. In light of this, we do not accept patients onto our treatment program that we do not believe that we can get a good result on. Your first step is to schedule an appointment with our medical team and find out if you are a candidate for our program.

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